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The Zoobic Safari Experienced – How does it look now?

The Zoobic Safari Experienced – How does it look now?

This is the second day of our Subic Weekend Vacation my wife wakes me up but our room stays dark because of the thick curtain that blocking the sunlight from the window. So you won’t notice its already sunny. Then time to change and ready to eat our breakfast before swim again. Since they have their own Hotel Resto, you are obliged to go down and eat your meal there. Just present the meal stub given by the front desk teller during the check-in (remember don’t forget to keep your meal stub). Ok, let’s go back to the Hotel Resto. As we enter, I ask one of the waiters about our free meal, since I choose the breakfast meal they offer me two different variations of a meal; American and Filipino Breakfast. I ordered American Breakfast (Garlic Fried Rice, with Hotdog and Egg) HOTSILOG in Filipino. While my wife ordered TOSILOG short term for (Tocino, Sinangag at Itlog with atsara). It follows 2 cups of plain coffee. Since my two kids eat little especially my daughter who still drink milk in a bottle, we share our food with them. The Resto itself is a fine dine and just like a typical resto, there’s no distinct detail but they a friendly crew and waiters, very neat and looks classic in terms of design and with a complete chair. Because every time we go out eating different restaurant I always ask for a modified high chair for my daughter, good thing they have one.
    After a delicious breakfast, we recharge our energy for another splash in the pool and in the beach. Right after we eat we go back to our room to keep our things safe. It’s already 9:00 am and we only have 3 hours left staying in the Hotel. So we should enjoy and make it worth our remaining time in the Hotel. So we have company in the pool most likely kids from the different guests, but not so many same as yesterday. And again after in the pool, we also go to the seashore. In the morning we didn’t enjoy much the beach because of the low tide so my kids and my wife choose to play sand again. So I decided to take photos instead. I also see different people hanging around the beach different nationality. Also far from our Hotel, you might notice in the far area of the water there some water action sports like the Jetski.
     When the sunshine feels hotter I told them to go back to our room. We almost consume one hour outside, so we return to our room at 10:00 am. Then we washed again and take a bath. Change and keep dry and have some little rest while waiting for our check-out. Oh!!! Just a simple reminder: you may clean your mess before leaving your room, it might give a small reward for all the Hotel Staff.  We now packed our bags and ready to go for our next Subic Adventure. Our check-out time is likely 11:30 am.
     I think my wife and my kids had a lot of fun, playing around and experience the shore, the pool, the place itself and most of all our family bonding too. Yes, I enjoyed it very much. We were excited for our next stop the 
FUNtastic ZOOBIC Safari, where you can see different animals, from pet and farm animals up to wild jungle animals.
    After checking out from the Hotel, while driving we’re looking for a place to get some lunch and we stopped at Jollibee Drive-thru. Since its already 12:00 noon, I decided to eat our lunch inside the car to lessen the time-consuming. I stopped the car and in some minutes we finished our lunch on the side of the road. So the travel time from the Hotel going to Zoobic Safari is around 30 to 45 minutes.

      At 1:30: pm. we arrived at the ZOOBIC Safari. I also got our ticket with a promo discount from Metrodeal. From its original price of P695, I only get it P348. I bought 3 tickets only since my daughter is less than 3 feet she is free of charge. Actually, it is my second time here in Zoobic Safari, that was mid of 2012 and I expect more adventure and activities than before. This is the first for my wife and kids going there, so it is a good opportunity for them to experience it.
     On our tour, my family had a great fun since it was their first time. Zoobic Safari is a twenty-five hectare wonderland where animals wander in their man-made habitat. Situating in the jungle area of Subic Bay that is rich in streams, grasslands, and terrain, guests can experience walking through the bird enclosures, a chance to interact and feed these amazing animals. This is why Zoobic Safari is one of the most visited tourist attraction in Subic Bay. Known as the only tiger safari in the Philippines. The tour will last about 2 to 3 hours, and here’s a list of attractions included in the tour: Zoobic Park, Forbidden Cave & Zoobic Cave, Savannah, Serpentarium, Bone/Skin Museum, Tiger Safari, Bird Walk Experience, Aetas’ Trail, Croco Loco.
     As we explore the area, we first visit Zoobic Park. Here my Son also tries to feed a camel for only P20. 
Sadly there’s no monkeys that time.  And then we watched the animal show where different animals were trained to perform on stage. After the show, you need to register your name for a Tram Ride to access different attractions. Unlike before you can see ostrich while riding the Tram, this time there was no ostrich.
Then we ride a safari jeep were you can see a Tiger up close while one of the Aeta feeds them with chicken chopped which cost P200/bucket, unlike before one whole chicken. Then in Crocodile Farm, you can also feed them a chicken. 
    I observed many changes now and then, and it is not the same experience before in Subic Safari because a lot of animals are gone. Before there are lions, a lot of ostrich in the savanna, monkeys, squirrel and other types of animals. But today’s experience really different, more enjoyable because I am with my own family and it is more fun in Subic. Surely we will be back to experience other places in Subic…

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