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A Funtastic Subic Experienced

A Funtastic Subic Experienced

Two Days before, I surprised my family a vacation trip to Subic. Actually, it’s my birthday gift to my son Achi, and also a perfect timing for my family including me, my wife, son, and my daughter to relieve some stress from work and school for the whole month.
On the first day Saturday morning, we decided to travel not too early. At 7:00 am, my wife prepares everything we bring especially the food. Its a better idea to bring our own food for lunch instead of buying. At 9:00 am, everything is ready and excited for our vacation. Our travel time is almost 4 hours from Cainta, Rizal going to Subic. We arrived at our destination at SUBIC PARK HOTEL at exactly 3:00 o’clock pm. At first, you’ll be curious where the beach was? of course, we love beaches. We can’t wait to see and experience its bay beauty of the hotel and seeing the kids to enjoy their swimming.
Subic Park Hotel Facade
    In terms of parking, we don’t have any problem with that. Just park on the other side of the road right at the front vacant area of the hotel. While in the lobby its a warm feeling because of its design, but what really gets my attention is that their wide spiral stairs going up to the second floor, just like stairs in a big mansion bongga!!!. Sadly they don’t have an elevator, and sorry for those who carry more baggage.
    While my family awaits at the lobby I go straight to the Front desk and check our room reservation. By the way, their available rooms are: Standard – P2,450 / Deluxe – P3,150 / Oceanfront – P3,650 / Family Room – P4,450
Room rate change during their peak season, and if you want to add another bed with dinner, additional P600/person. I booked the Oceanfront room so that there’s a view right in front of our room.
    In just 5 minutes they gave our key to our room (Yey exited to take a look at our room). Our room no. is #201 where located on the second floor. The hallway is quiet and when we enter the room (wow). What we see inside the room are:
  • There are a king size bed and 4 big pillows
  • 3 feet ref and air-con and it’s already working, meaning it’s cold inside the room and the ref is ready to use.
  • 2 bedside table with lampshade each also a phone direct only to the front desk.
  • Coffee table with 2 chairs with 2 complimentary coffee and an electric kettle for the hot water.
  • Working desk with chair.
  • A Cabinet
  • A Flat Screen TV
  • Free unlimited access WIFI
  • Bathroom with sink, toilet bowl, bidet, and a bathtub. Hot and cold shower and with 2 body towel included and a complimentary hygiene kit including, soap, shampoo, dental kit.  (so you don’t need to bring them to lessen your baggage especially the towel).
  • Lastly a Balcony with a perfect view of the swimming pool area and straight to the beach.

    After we checked whats in our room, I suggest getting some rest while waiting for the sun goes down so that kids will enjoy the pool and the beach. After an hour of having a short nap, of course, I shouldn’t miss to take photos and videos of my family inside the room and taking our family selfie…Then at 4:00 o’clock pm. we decided to go out and try the pool and the beach to make the most of it. There’s another stair near our room aside from the lobby an easy access going to the Hotel Resto and outside going to the pool and beach area. The pool is quite small rectangular shape divided into two area. 2 ft. for kids area and 4 ft. for the Adult area and I think its an ideal for family use especially for the kids. I also notice that from the Hotel Resto there is a door connects to the pool. So while you’re having fun swimming, you can order food directly from the Hotel Resto. That’s another good idea if you’re planning to have a pool party with your friends, family and loved ones.
    Before the sun went down we assured we experience the sand and the beach. The shore is simple but clean, the sand is good and fine and the sea water is warm but during that time I felt its windy. My kids enjoying much in the water and mostly in the sand. After an hour we go back to our Hotel room, we go upstairs wet (I think its Ok and no one notices aside from some guest). Whoa!!! wait going inside the room is really cold and go straight inside the bathroom. But swimming is not yet finished as were my kids and my wife jumped on the bathtub, not wondering it’s their first time in the bathtub…
    After bathing and while waiting for the dinner time we relaxed by watching TV, internet, and eat some snacks. I remembered the Hotel accommodation has 2 free meal. I choose the Breakfast Meal for tomorrow and planning to go out for our dinner. We eat our dinner outside the Hotel. Of course, Olongapo City is quickly becoming a food haven for foodies out there. Olongapo now has a roster of restaurants that specialize in different cuisines, from American to Chinese and Filipino Food. And we went to a mall, aside from eating dinner there we also stroll at the same time. At 9:00 pm. we return to our Hotel and as I noticed the swimming pool is still open to use until 10:00 pm. And the whole day ends tiring but enjoyed.

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